Social Responsibility

We cannot move forward leaving our society backward. This philosophy makes us realize that we have some responsibilities towards society beyond legal obligations. Out of this sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which we live and operate, BGMEA has been actively involved in various corporate social responsibility activities for the larger good of society. Despite being a non-profit organization, BGMEA has been making significant contribution to the community with true heart and warm actions.

• As part of its CSR activities, BGMEA runs 12 Health Centers that provides healthcare facilities and medicines to more than 60,000 garment workers per year at free of cost. The annual expenditure of these centers is around USD 3,00,000 which is funded by BGMEA’s own resources. The centers also provide awareness program on HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis, reproductive health and use of contraceptives.

• Besides, for RMG workers, a full-fledged hospital is operational in Chittagong, and a 100-bed hospital in Dhaka is under construction. The hospital will provide all kinds of outdoor and indoor healthcare facilities to garment workers at free of cost or at heavily subsidized charges.

BGMEA runs five schools for workers’ children and provides books, study materials and stipends to the meritorious students.

• With the Govt. of Bangladesh, BGMEA provides aid to lactating mothers working in garment factories. In last 3 years a total amount of Tk 115 million was disbursed.

• A dormitory for 3000 workers in Chittagong is being set up jointly by the Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) and BGMEA. One more dormitory is going to be set up in Ashulia.

• BGMEA ensures mandatory group insurance scheme for the garment workers and staff.

• BGMEA runs skill development programs for garment workers through several training centers spread around the country.

• BGMEA organizes Workers Fair annually. It also organized a voice talent hunt program for garment workers titled “Gorbo” (pride).


Apart from BGMEA’s own CSR activities, a good number of garment factories in Bangladesh individually have been engaged in CSR practices like offering treatment and medical facilities such as pathology tests, medicines to their workers and employees at free of cost, running day care centers for the children of workers, awarding stipends to the meritorious children of the workers etc. A number of unique CSR practices also prevail among garment factories. One of these extraordinary practices is employing workers with disabilities in garment factories and ensuring congenial working conditions for them. Providing free lunch, together with food allowances to workers is another unique example of their CSR activities. Fair price shop to provide garment workers with daily essentials at a fair price is an exceptional CSR practice exercised a few garment factories of Bangladesh.